How do I use the New Evaluation System?

Introduction to the New System

In March 2016, William James College has contracted Invoke, Inc. to implement a new web based evaluation platform “MyCourseEval” to replace the current home-built evaluation system that is almost 9 years old.  The new course evaluation system was an open source project that were developed by a collaboration effort of over 6 colleges, and is now being used as the main evaluation system for hundred+ colleges and schools across US. 

Under the supervision of Office of Research and collaborative efforts with academic coordinators, WJC is launching the new system from July 2016 for evaluations in summer session 1.  The new evaluation system is designed to be mobile friendly, and is compatible with all web browsers, computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

Notifications and Reminders

When any survey / evaluations is opened to students or faculty, a survey announcement email will be sent to your preferred email account, which usually is the William James College email account.  The email will be marked as sent from the Office of Research, and a sample of the email is list below, a description of the survey will be provided as well as a brief instruction on accessing the survey. 

You will be able to see the courses you are assigned, survey open and close dates, as well as the “login” link.

Logging into the System

You can log into the new survey system in two different ways. 

  • You can click the “login” button in the survey announcement email

OR you can got to the Single Sign On page: and select the MyCourseEval link.

Editing your survey responses (faculty only)

  • Click "My Course Eval"

Any further questions can be directed to

Click on Surveys, then Completed Surveys

All the way to the right of that table, you'll see a column titled Date Closed, under that will be a link to Edit Survey Answers, select that.

You will be brought to a page that lists all the students for that class and any previously entered information. Once you're done editing those items, hit Submit

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