How do I print from my PC?

There are 2 parts to these directions.  Installing the Printer, and Installing the Papercut Client.  If you have already installed the printer please skip ahead to the Installing the Papercut Client section.  

Installing the Printer

Prerequisites for this are

  1. Being on the correct Wifi:
  2. Being on campus
  1. Click on the Start Menu
  2. in the Search Box type \\msppprint and press Enter.

Double click on Uprint_Xerox

Installing the Papercut Client

Click the link below to download the software.

Click Save

Save the file (typically this is in the downloads folder)

When the file is saved click Open Folder

Right Click on the zipped foler

Select Extract All

If you have another archiving tool installed like WinRar you might have different options like "Extract Here,"

The default extraction location should be the downloads folder. It is ok to extract the files here.  

Click Extract.

Whent the files are extracted launch the Pc-client-admin-deploy file.

Select Run

When the install is complete you can launch the software from the start menu by either searching for "papercut" in the search box or selecting All programs and navigating to the papercut folder.  

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