Printing through the Web

You can use our Webprint Service to submit your print jobs online without installing or configuing any software or additional printers.  This can be particularly helpful for users who have Chromebooks, and are limited by printing options.

  • You can print Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF documents to any of the copiers in the builidng and retrieve them as you normally would by swiping your school ID at the machine.  

This method of printing is limited to Single/Double sided B&W/ Color printing, Finishing options like stapling, hole punching are not available.

Webprint is accessable through your Papercut Account.

To use the Webprint service please go to http://msppprint:9191/user and login with your username and password

Select Web Print, and Submit a Job

  1. Your options are Webprint_Simplex for single sided printing OR Webprint_Duplex for double sided printing (double sided costs less)
  2. Then select Print Options and Account Selection

You can now select to print from your Personal account or your Shared account (if you have one) If you belong to multiple shared accounts, those options will be displayed in the account drop down menu.

To Upload files to print you can drag and drop your files to the gray square on the screen or you can select eh Upload from Computer button to select the file manually.  

When finished select Upload and Complete

If you need to upload Mulitple Files you can continue to drag and drop files or you can select multiple files from the Upload from Computer dialog box by holding the Ctrl button (PC) or the CMD button (Mac)

The jobs will be queued and ready for release at ANY copier, you can verify this by selecting the Jobs Pending Release tab.   You can now retrieve your print job/s at any copier in the builidng.  

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