Printing from your iPhone or iPad

Prerequisites for this service are:

  • An WJC email address
  • An iOS Device like an iPhone/ iPad
  • Successfully completed the Wi-Fi connection steps on that device.
  • If you have NOT connected to Wi-Fi those directions can be found here: Connect your iPhone / iPad to Wifi
  • You are ON CAMPUS.

Install the print App by clicking this link or typing it into your phones web browser.

This step is only possilbe when you are ON CAMPUS

Install the Printing Profile by selecting Install.

Select Install again.

You now have an app called Printing installed, Sign into the app with your Username and Password.  

Now you can use the Native print functions of your iOS device.  

  • Access the print menu by selecting the arrow below

Select the printer called Uprint_Xerox

After selecting Print from the menu,open the Printing App and select which account you want to use. Press Print.

You will get a confirmation after the job has been submitted.  

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