Phone System Upgrade

Phone System Upgrade

This week we are finalizing our phone system upgrade by installing the Shoretel Communicator software for all faculty and staff. 

This is an optional software for anyone who has an assigned phone extension and using an assigned school computer.  We encourage everyone to use this software.

What is the Shoretel Communicator?

The Shoretel Communicator is a software that connects to your desk phone and allows you to access the Global Address Book, make calls, check voicemail, and view call history all without using your phone. 

You can also setup quick dial contacts for people you often call. 

We are installing the software automatically over the next few days.  

You will know it is installed when you see this icon  com.png on your desktop . 

Open the software and follow the instructions in this article:Setup Shoretel Connect


Will my phone still work if I don’t use the communicator?

  • YES, your phone will as usual. 

Will my current settings or voicemails be lost?

  • No, you will not lose any of your information

Is the software mandatory?

  • No, the software is optional but will be installed by default. 


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