Reserving a Room on Campus

Room Reservation Policy


All reservations for meetings and events should be done thru Virtual Ems first. If your event or meeting is longer than an hour contact Marice Nichols.

If you email Marice for a meeting or event that is an hour, you would be kindly reminded to use the Virtual EMS. 

VEMS will only allows you to reserve a room at a maximum of 1 hour at a time.  


Marice Nichols, Office Manager

x1219 |

Office Hours: 8 AM  - 4 PM, Monday - Friday

For Technical Assistance, please call IT Helpdesk at x1600 or send an email to


  • All classroom reservations have to go thru the Office Manager Marice Nichols x1219 (
  • The number of people and resource need to be identified before a room is chosen
  • Room 502 is dedicated to the Office of the President use only
  • All academic classes are scheduled by the Registrars office
  • The cutoff for reserving a room for the next day is 4 PM


  • Students  have one hour access to meeting rooms on floors 1-3, no lead time required
  • Booking Classrooms and Conference rooms is not allowed


  •  Faculty have two hour access to conference and meeting rooms on floors 1-4 , no lead time required.


  • Staff can book meeting and conference rooms on floors 1-5 for up to 2 hours/ booking.  If you need to book a reoccuring meeting that can be done by Marice Nichols x1219 (
How do I book a Room?


  • Every meeting and conference room has a Reservation Panel mounted next to its door.  This panel is interactive and can be used to book a room.  

Go to and click the Online Room Reservation tile

Select Book Now

Any room that has a blank space between the red lines (the time frame you selected) is FREE

Select a room by clicking on the + sign to the left of the room name

Click Next Step

Fill out the necessary information and select Create Reservation


The more information you provide the better the chances of your reservation being approved within the std time frame.

Add the details of your reservation and when finished, Click Create Reservation

If you do NOT see a group listed, click the search glass to the right and select the appropriate group you belong to from the list


If no groups are listed, simply type "WJC" into the search field and you should get the same choices.

If you need to make changes to your reservation you can click Edit this reservation


Click the My Events link on the left

You can also add the reservation to your calander if you use an email client like Outlook or Mac Mail.  Just click the Add to my calendar link.

Changing an Existing Reservation

If you need to change an existing reservation please log into VEMS by following the first few steps in the instructions above

  1. Select My Events
  2. Choose the reservation you want to edit

Here you can

  1. Edit the reservation
  2. Cancel a reservation
  3. Invite others to your reservation
    • Calander invite will be sent directly to the person. This invite will be accesable using the web interface (Office 365) or a Mail client (outlook or mac mail...etc)
  4. View all your upcoming reservations
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