Submitting Media for Closed Captioning

NOTE:  Prior approval is needed before you will be able to submit your media files for closed captioning.  Please contact Joan Axelrod <> for approval if necessary.

Files stored in Ensemble

Login to Ensemble and locate the media file you want to caption.

Click the Edit button located below/to the right of the video.

Above the video title, select the [CC] Caption tab found in the upper right hand corner

Click the Submit to Captioning Service tab, which is likely the second tab option.

  1. In the Notes to Transcriber field, add important notes for the transcriber if necessary (i.e. pronunciation of difficult names/words)
  2. Leave the Rush box at NO unless it is critical that the captions be rushed.  We get charged a premium for rushed captions, so only use when absolutely critical.
  4. Click Continue

Reminder:  Captioning can take up to three business days, so please plan accordingly!

The rest of the captioning process is automatic. The file will get sent to our AST CaptionSync account and the caption output file will get sent back to Ensemble within the designated turnaround time. Once your medias has been captioned, it will appear in your Media Library and the video will show a CC icon on the thumbnail (see image below).

Once your captioned lecture is available, please post it (link or embed) to your Moodle course page, as you always do.

YouTube, TedTalks or other third party media files

1. First try and find a version that already has closed captioning associated with the file.

2.  If you can't find a version with closed captioning, email with a link to the file you want to be captioned.

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