IT Checklist

Receive your IT Welcome Packet

  • Your IT Welcome Packet was sent to the email address you submitted on your application.  Your IT Welcome Packet contains your Username and Password for accessing school computers and technology resources.  

If you have not received your IT Welcome Packet after submitting your enrollment deposit, please contact

More information can be found here: Why have I not received my Welcome Packet?

Activate Your Account

Please Note: Your username is firstname_lastname, (exceptions may apply as noted in your welcome packet)

Email address is

Please review the minimum computer requirements before purchasing a new laptop William James Minimum Computer Requirements

1. Login

Login at (our single sign on page, aka OneLogin)

Enter your:  Email Address:

  Password: email password

2. Install the OneLogin Extension

Click the Add OneLogin Extension button, the download will start.  If you are using Chrome, you will be taken to the Chrome Web Store.  

If you are using a different browser or need more detailed steps, please visit this article:  Using OneLogin

We strongly recommend using Multi-Factor Authentication to protect your account as well as your colleagues from potential attacks.

If you would like to know more, please see these articles:

What is Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA? 

How do I sign up for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

3. Log into SSIG

Log into The Secured Student Gateway (SSIG) by clicking the Campus Cafe icon below.

SSIG allows you to view/register for classes, billing information, and other course information.

Please update your Mobile Number in SSIG so you will receive important information about school closings and emergency situations

  1. Click the menu button in the top left corner
  2. My Info
  3. Address/Phones

Click the Pencil to edit, enter your mobile number and click Save

If you would like to opt out of this service please see these instructions: Editing your Information in SSIG

For more detailed instructions on SSIG click this link.

4. Log into Email

Office 365 is the email system we use. 

To login please go to page and click on the Office 365 tile.

Information about Office Training is available here: Microsoft Office Training and additional information on Microsoft Office/ Office 365 can be found at this link.

Library Resources are also accessible from the Single Sign On Page, either by viewing all company apps or filtering by Library Resources.

5. Get Your School ID

During Orientation there will be scheduled time for you to get your picture taken for your School ID.  If you are unable to attend at the scheduled time, please email  to setup an alternate time.

Additional Information- Please Read

Free Software Available for Download

The school provides the following software FREE to students.

Further information on Software Downloads can be found here.

Software Availability Download From
Microsoft Office Free Microsoft Office Install Instructions
Anti-Virus (Sophos) Free version Installing Anti-Virus
SPSS Free for the current semester SPSS Install Intructions

Going forward you can access all of these sites through our portal  Please bookmark this page to access all of our systems.

Answers to many commonly asked questions can be found on our Support site: and the Help Desk can be reached at

For further instructions on how to use Wi-Fi, Printing, Email, Canvas, and SSIG navigation please see the Students section.

Work Study Positions Available

The IT department is always looking for work study students!  This is a paid position with flexible hours, if you are interested please email

Canvas LMS and Student Technology Orientation

Canvas is William James College’s Learning Management System (LMS). It is a cloud-based learning platform that provides students with a place to access course materials, including syllabi, readings, and more.

Students will not have access to Canvas until they are enrolled in at least one academic course, so if you are a new student, you may not be able to login to Canvas until closer to your matriculation date. Once you have access to Canvas you will be able to enroll in our online Student Technology Orientation course, which will provide some basic information about the various technology resources available to you. An email will go out to all students prior to the semester start date with an invitation to take the course.

If you are awaiting Canvas access, you can take this short Tour of Canvas, located HERE.

If you already have access to Canvas, you can click HERE to enroll in the Student Technology Orientation course.

Note from Career Services:

*All new students will be able to access their CareerLink accounts during the first week of classes at William James College.  View this article for more information:  Career Link

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