Reset my Password

If you forget your password and you need to reset it, start by going to

Select forgot password

Enter your user name

You have 2 choices to reset your password

  1. SMS- the system will send you a text message to your mobile device with a temporary password 
  2. Security Questions- answering the questions you selected when you first signed up will confirm you identity and allow you to choose a new password.  

Both options are only available if you have configured your password recovery authentication option during your Account Activation process.  If you did not configure any recovery method, you will receive an error message, and will need to contact the helpdesk to complete your password recovery process.

The SMS password reset option is compatible with all major carriers and most minor ones.  For a complete list please see this link:


If you choose to answer your security questions you will be allowed to reset your password after.  

If you do not get the SMS message, start this process again and select Security questions.

Choose your new password and you are done.

Now that you have changed your password, don't forget to to update your mobile devices with this new password.  If you do not do this you will have trouble accessing your account and getting email.

Please see the instructions on this page:  Updating your email password in your iOS device

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