Update my OneLogin App Passwords

Please follow these directions for updating your OneLogin app password.

2. Select the APP that needs updating.

For this example, I have selected the ADP application. Once selected, if you already have your username and password saved for this app, it will automatically redirect and log you in.

3. Update your password within this APP.

For this example, I am updating my ADP.

  1. Hover over your username on the left.
  2. Click SETTINGS.
  3. Click EDIT under password.
  4. Update your password.

Once your password is updated it will show you that "Your password has been changed. Use your new password to log in to your ADP Service."

4. Update APP password in OneLogin.

After updating the password within the APP service, you can now change the password in OneLogin.

6. Click the PENCIL icon to edit your APP.

The pencil icon is located right next to the NEW APP button. Once your click it, it will show a checkbox indicating it is selected.

  1. Select the APP that needs the password updated
    (For this example, I have selected the ADP app.)
  2. Edit the password and then click SAVE.
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