Entering grades in SSIG

Go to login.williamjames.edu, and select the Campus Café/SSIG tile.

  1. Go to Faculty/Staff
  2. Class Schedule / Grades

Choose the semester and click on Get Schedule.

Find the course you want to enter grades for and select View Roster

Click the Grade Column button to show the list of students in the course and the grade options.  

You will see a list of students, you can enter their respective grades under the Final Grades Section.  The grade will be stored as soon as you select one.  

  1. Next, select the CHECK BOX to highlight the student's account.
  2. Click the EDIT button to enter a Final Grade for the student.
  3. Select the letter grade and click UPDATE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only add/modify the grade of a student during the grade submission periods published by the Registrar Office. Any other times, the options to change the grade will not be visible. If you need to change a student’s grade before or after the grade submission period, please contact the registrar office.

Students Pictures are available by clicking on the Three Dots menu under the actions column next to the students name.  This is only available after they have taken their ID pictures.  

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