Hybrid Meeting with Zoom Rooms

Zoom Room Requirements

Before scheduling your meeting, please make sure your meeting meets ALL of the requirements below:

  1. Meeting must hybrid, which means it must have a combination of in-person and remote attendees. If all attendees wish to be remote, please use our standard Zoom video conference tool.
    • In-person attendee minimum is 2 people and maximum is 10 people.
    • Remote attendee minimum is 1 person and maximum is 50 people. 
  2. Meeting host must have a valid WJC account.
  3. Meeting host must have an active WJC Zoom account. All faculty have Zoom accounts. Staff are by request; please contact support@williamjames.edu.
  4. Hybrid meeting room must be reserved in advance (see below).

To Reserve the WJC Hybrid Meeting Room

All hybrid meetings will be held in the dedicated Zoom Rooms classroom, room 214.

Note that you MUST receive a confirmation that the room has been booked before moving ahead!

To Set Up your Hybrid Meeting

  1. Prior to the meeting, schedule your meeting using your regular Zoom account. If you don’t have an account, email Jenny.
    • Zoom meeting set up instructions can be found here.
  2. Write down the Meeting ID, which you will need to start your meeting from the Hybrid Meeting room.
  3. Invite your remote participants by sending them the Join URL associated with your Zoom Meeting.

To Start your Hybrid Meeting

  1. Go to our Hybrid Meeting Room 214 (we recommend setting up at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time).
  2. On wall panel near the door, click VIDEO CONF
  3. On iPad on the table, make sure the menu on left is set to Join
  4. Enter your Meeting ID, which you can obtain from the meeting you set up on Zoom.
  5. Click Join
  6. Meeting will start and will automatically turn on the room's camera and audio.
  7. If you need to mute yourself, please click the Mute button on the speaker located in the center of the table.
  8. As remote attendees join, you will see them on the main screen. Remote attendees can control their own audio and webcam.
  9. If anyone needs to share their screen:
    • In-person attendees: Use your laptop and go to share.zoom.us and enter the Meeting ID.
    • Remote attendees: Click Share Screen on your personal device's Zoom control panel
    • If you wish to exit the screen share and return to webcams, click Stop Share.

To End the Hybrid Meeting

  1. On the iPad click red button for LEAVE meeting.  
    • Then either END meeting for all, or LEAVE the meeting yourself, letting others remain on the call.
  2. When all done, push the SYSTEM OFF button on the wall panel.

Optional Recording

If you need to record your hybrid meeting, you can initiate the recording directly on the iPad in the Zoom Room by clicking RECORD once the meeting has started. You will be prompted to enter an email address. After the recording is complete you will get an email with a link to share or download the recording.

The recording will be temporarily stored in our cloud storage, and we will retain recordings for one year. After one year, all files will be permanently deleted in order to make space for future recordings. We recommend downloading and saving your recording to your personal device, or uploading it to your Ensemble site, so you can keep it for as long as you need!



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