Submitting Media for Closed Captioning

NOTE:  Prior approval is needed before you will be able to submit your media files for closed captioning.  Please contact Joan Axelrod <> for approval if necessary.

1. Login to your 3Play Media Account

Username: WJC Email address
Password: The password you created when you activated your account

2. Click Upload Media

After logging into your 3Play Media project, click on Upload Media located in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

3. Select the linked Ensemble Video account

Click on Linked Accounts and from the drop down menu that appears, select your linked Ensemble Video account.

4. Select videos to upload

First select your Ensemble Video library from the drop down menu.

Then from your library of videos, select the ones that you would like to caption by checking the box to the left of the thumbnail. 

5. Click Upload

6. Choose Service

Select the default service English Transcription and Captioning to have 3Play Media create your captions from scratch. If you already have a transcript that you would like 3Play Media to sync with a Ensemble Video asset, select Alignment.

7. Choose Turnaround Time

Unless it is absolutely necessary, please use the standard turnaround level, which is 3-4 business days. It costs extra to rush the captions, and so we kindly ask that you plan in advance!

8. Select Folder Location (optional)

Your captioned media file will go back to Ensemble for sharing, however if you want to organize all of your captioned files in 3Play Media, you are welcome to create and use folders. This is not necessary.

9. Review and Place Order

After you click submit, please check your Ensemble account in about 3 days. There you will see a version of your file with a [CC] listed in the bottom right hand corner, indicating that it's been captioned.  Please review and post this version to your course page.

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