Create GROUPS in Office 365

Groups are comprised of a list of members who, being members of the group can:

  1. Communicate through email
  2. Collaborate on documents with a shared storage space in the cloud
  3. Schedule through a group calendar
  4. Manage Members- owners of the group can self manage the membership

Log in to email at

To create a group, click the Create button

Select Std Group

  1. Choose a name (email address will automatically be created)
  2. Add description of the group
  3. Select your desired privacy (we recommend Private)
  4. You can choose to have all group email sent directly to member emails instead of everyone checking the group for updates.  FYI: any group you are a member of will show in  Outlook automatically
  5. When finished click Create at the top left of the screen.

The email address will show with the domain of, however the display name will show the text from step 1.  This is normal.

After the group is created, it will be visible in Outlook

You can now start collaborating with members of this group.

To Add/Remove members to this group see this article: Modify Group Members in Office 365

To learn more about Office 365 Groups please visit this article from Microsoft:  Office 365 Groups

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