How Do I Use The Barracuda Message Archiver Outlook Add-In?

If you also use Outlook to send and receive email, located on the end of the HOME tab is the message archive ADD-IN by Barracuda Networks.

From here, you can 1) search archived email, 2) archive or reference email, 3) restore historic email to your inbox and 4) sync Archiver Stores. Please note, these options are subject to change.


To begin searching for your archived items, click the Search Archive icon to open the Barracuda Message Archiver Search dialog box: (see below)

From within the Barracuda Message Archiver Search, you can look messages, appointments, contacts, notes or task. You can search from anywhere or during a specific time. Any email you are able to find within this search is email that stored on the message archiver. To provide redundancy, this items are also stored to a secure cloud.

Once you have found the items you were looking for, you can 1) open, 2) reply, 3) reply to all, 4) forward, or 5) copy it to a folder right back into your Outlook inbox.


When you have an email selected and press the archive button, it not only archives the email but creates a reference marker  to indicate that you have archived and completely copied this email to the message archiver. This process is known as "attachment stubbing." It helps reduce the size of both your personal inbox and mail server storage.


Right below the Archive button is the Restore option. This option only works if you have already archived an email using the Archive button and a reference point was created for this email. By clicking the Restore button, Outlook automatically retrieves the archived item and the reference marker is removed. This indicates that the email in its entirety is now back within your mail folder.

To take full advantage of this very robust system, you may also access it via the web. Please visit: (on campus) and log in using your William James College username and password from any web browser.

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