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William James College
Revised: 03/30/2015

I am a visitor. How do I connect to your wireless network?

To connect to your computer to WIFI:

  1. Browse for the WILLIAMJAMES-GUEST wireless network
  2. Once connected, open your web browser.
    You should automatically be redirected to our onboarding Portal.
    IF YOU WERE NOT, please see Problem 2 below.

  3. Click GUEST ACCESS.
  4. ACCEPT and CONTINUE on the TERMS OF USE page.
  5. The web page will redirect you to WILLIAMJAMES.EDU homepage.
    You have now successfully log into our network as our registered guest.

Problem 2:
After connecting to WILLIAMJAMES-GUEST, I opened my web web browser but it did not redirect me to the Onboarding Portal.

If you were not automatically redirected:

  1. Enter a web address into your web browser such as:
    DO NOT ENTER: or WILLIAMJAMES.EDU as these sites will not redirect you.

  2. Once redirected, please continue from step 2 on how to connect to WILLIAMJAMES-GUEST wireless network.

If you are a student, faculty, or staff member of William James College, please DO NOT CONNECT to WILLIAMJAMES-GUEST. This network only offers limited network use.

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