How to sort Outlook emails by attachment size

William James College Revised: 04/02/2015

Emails are normally arranged by date with the newest ones on the top. In case that you might need to sort them by attachment size here are two different methods you can use to do that:

Method 1 : 

  1. On top of your mail box panel, right after the search inbox, click on arrange by then select attachments.
  2.  Next is to click on right side on the inbox panel to change the email type from newest on top to size.


Method 2

This method is a little bit longer, but more permanent. It allows to create a sorting folder for all your attachment emails. Bare in mind that will not keeping you from working properly in your principal mail box. with that being said, here is how to set it up:

  1. Click on the folder tab on the title bar.
  2. Click on New Search Folder in the new category.
  3. Scroll down to Organizing Mail section on the popup window and select Mail with attachment.
  4. Go to View tab nd select size in the arrangement category. 

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