Mirror or Extend your laptop display with a second screen

To use your own laptop (Mac/Pc) to present in the classrooms and conference rooms you will have to either Mirror or Extend your laptop display to the projector or conference room TV.  

1. Connect your device using the adapters on the classroom desk.

2. Using the touchpad on the classroom desk, choose HDMI.


3. Update your screen settings using the options below:


Press the Windows Key + P  



You will get this popup:


You can now select either Duplicate- if you want the TV to display exactly what you see on your laptop screen

Or you can select Extend- if you want the TV to act as a second screen. 





Press CMD + F1 to mirror the display



If that does not work please try ALT + CMD + F1


To Extend the screen

Press CMD + F1 again to toggle between a Mirrored and Extended view.  


**Extended view is particularly helpful if you would like to use your powerpoint presentation with presenter view**







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