Connecting your PC to Wi-Fi

Click on the Wi-Fi Symbol in the bottom right corner of your screen and connect to William James-Guest

Open a Web Browser and go to

Click on Register Device.


Enter your Username and Password

ex: firstname_lastname

pw: Email password

Click on Log In

After you log in a file will be downloaded called Prov.exe, install the file

  1. Select Keep
  2. Open the file

If you have trouble with the installer please refer to the directions below on how to Manually enter the key.


If you have successfully installed the key, you will be connected to WilliamJames-Production, and you are finished.  

Manually Entering the Key

After you log in select the link below for manual configuration


Click in the box and press Ctrl + A to select the text, then Ctrl + C to copy it. The text is much longer then what you see.  


Go back to the Wifi symbol and connect to WilliamJames-Production

When asked for the key, Paste the key you copied and click Connect.

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