How do I download SPSS?

There are 2 different versions of SPSS, one for PC and another for MAC.  Please choose the appropriate version below.  

If you need SPSS for your Doc Project please see this article I need SPSS for my Doc Project, then come back to this article to install the software.

You will need a KEY to license the product.  If you do not have one please email

Mac Instructions

Download the Software from here:

Or paste it into your browser.  The download will start automatically.  Launch the program when it is finished.

When the file is finished Extracting you can access it by

  1. clicking the downloads icon in the dock.
  2. Click the extracted file "SPSS_Statistics_25_mac.dmg"

Open the Installer by clicking on the icon

Click Open

If you get a security warning or error, you will have to go to System Preferences> Security & Privacy> Allow apps to be downloaded from> Anywhere

Further Instructions on how to do this can be found here:  How do I allow 3rd party apps to install on my Mac

If you are asked to provide a password, please provide the password for your Mac.

Click OK

There will be many different License agreements you will need to accept, you are free to accept all of them with their default values. Please follow the steps below if you are unsure.  

You will see this screen as the software installs.  Please be Paitent it is a large software.  

Make sure the Start IBM SPSS Statistics 24 Now button is selected, then select Done.

Select License Product

Select Next.

Select Authorized User License, then Next.

Paste the code you were given and click Next.  If you do not have a code please email

Faculty Members- you do not need to license the software, your school laptops already have SPSS installed and activated.

Thats it! You are Done!

PC Instructions

Go to this address:

Or paste it into your browser.  The download will start automatically.

When the download is complete Right Click on the downloaded file and select Show in folder

A new windows will open with the downloaded file highlighted.  

  1. Right Click on the file called SPSS 25 X64  
  2. Select Extract All
  1. Make sure you have selected Show extracted files when complete
  2. Select Extract

The files will extract and open a new window with the files.  

Double Click the file called IBM SPSS Statistics 24

Select RUN

Select Next

  1. Accept the terms
  2. Click Next
  1. Click Yes
  2. Click Next
  1. Accept the terms
  2. Click Next
  1. Accept the terms
  2. Click Next

Click Next

Click Install

Click YES

Be Paitent while the files install.

When the install is complete make sure the Start IBM Statistics now box is selected and click Finish

SPSS will take a minute to open.  

Click License Product

If you are a Faculty member you do NOT have to license SPSS.  Please Restart your computer and if you get any licensing errors please contact

Click YES

Click Next

  1. Select Authorized User License
  2. Then Click Next

Paste the code you were given.  and click Next

If you do not have a code please email

When the software is successfully activated you will see the following message.

Click Next and you are done!

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