Changing your Call Handling Modes

Call Handling Modes allow you to change the behavior of your phone based on the mode you select.

The different modes are:

  • Standard: default to sent to voicemail if not answered.
  • In a Meeting: calls will always be forwarded to voicemail.
  • Out of Office: calls will always be forwarded to voicemail.
  • Extended Absence: calls will always be forwarded to voicemail.

You can change your Call Handling Modes in one of two ways.  

  1. Changes can be made through the Communicator (software on your computer).
  2. You can call in to your voicemail and manually set the call handling mode.

After you have logged  into your voicemail using the directions from "How do I check my Voicemail Off Campus?"

  • Press 7 to access Mailbox Options.
  • Then choose the Call Handling Mode you want to use.  
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