How do I connect my Mac to Wifi?

You have to be on campus for this process to work.

Click on the WiFi symbol in the top right of your screen and connect to the WilliamJames-Guest Network

  • Open a web browser and to go and select Register Device.

Login with your username (firstname_lastname) and Password (email password)


Select the link highlighted below to get the network key.


You will be given a VERY long key in the Network Key field.  

Copy the Key by clicking in the white space once and pressing CMD + A, then CMD + C.  


Click on the Wifi Symbol on the top right of the screen.

Connect to WilliamJames-Production.  When asked for the key press CMD+ V to paste the key and press Enter.

When finished proceed to Removing the Guest Network Section in the instructions.

Removing the Guest Network

Click on the Wifi Symbol on the top right of the screen.  Click on Open Network Preferences...

Select the Advanced button

Remove the Guest and Provision Networks.  (you may only have one of these networks listed)

  1. Select the Network
  2. Press the - sign

Repeat until the only WilliamJames Network listed is the Production network.  

3.  Press OK

You have successfully connected to Wifi at William James College

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