How do I allow 3rd party apps to install on my Mac

If you are trying to install an app but keep getting a security error or keep getting prompted to enter your password, these directions will show you how to edit those settings in your Mac.

Click the Apple in the top left for the screen and select System Preferences

Select Security and Privacy

If the lock at the bottom of the screen is locked, Click it to edit the settings on the page.

If the lock is unlocked, skip ahead 2 steps.

If the Lock is Locked, enter  your password to unlock it.  

You will only see this pop up if the lock is Locked.

  1. Select the option Anywhere to allow apps downloaded from anywhere.
  2. After you can Re-lock the settings to prevent further changes by clicking the Lock in the lower left of the screen

After you have installed your software you can always change the security settings back to only allow software from the Mac App Store.  This would be the most secure method.  

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