How do I activate my account?

Only Faculty and Staff have access to

If you are a Faculty or Staff member and are looking for an assigned playlist please note, playlists are only assigned 24 hrs after you first login.  

EX:  If you login to for the first time on Monday, your playlist will not be assigned until Tuesday.  

Open a Browser and go to

Sign in

Once there click icon.

Enter your Username and Password.

user name:  firstname_lastname

PW:  email password

If you previously had a account from the school you can:

  1. Migrate your account information ie: completed courses, by clicking I've had an account
  2. Or choose to start fresh by clicking No, I've never had an account

You will not be limited by either choice.

Once you are logged in you will have full access to all training courses including reccomended course work based on your department and role.

If you need furhter assistance please email

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