Signing up for Campus Alerts

The Campus Alerting System provides notice to students, faculty, and staff regarding important announcements, school closings,and emergency situations.

To enroll in the service we recommend adding your mobile number to your profile in SSIG, instructions can be found here: Adding your mobile number and address to SSIG


Your number will be added to our database, if you prefer NOT to include that information there you can follow the below instructions to ONLY include it with the emergency alert system.

In either case we strongly encourage you to provide your mobile number to receive alerts on your mobile device.  This allows us to reach everyone in case of emergency.    

Please Read and Agree to the terms of use.

When you log in you will see your profile information.

  • If you have NOT registered your mobile number you will see a large red banner at the top of the screen as seen below.  

Select Register Phone

Enter your Mobile Number (Without the dashes)

Yoru Carrier should automatically be populated in the field below.

Please Note: Selecting the incorrect carrier will affect your ability to receive text notifications.  

Ex: If you have AT&T but you select Verizon as your carrier, you will not receive the confirmation code in the next step and will be unable to complete your regestration in the system.

  • If your carrier does not automatically populate after you input your mobile number please contact

You will be sent a confirmation text message with a Confirmation Code that you need to enter below.

Enter the Code and click Continue

When you have successfully completed the steps you will get a confirmation message.  Click Done.

You have successfully signed up for campus alerts!

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