How do I add Contact Methods to the Alert System?

If you want to edit a mobile number or add additional contact methods to your alert account, you can follow these directions.

Go to : , Login with your username and password.

  • (firstname_lastname) and your email password

Updating my Mobile Number

Under the section Mobile Phones click the Edit button.

  • Input the new number
  • The system will send you a confirmation number in a text message.  Input the number and confirm.

Adding additional Contact Methods to your account

You have the abilty to add additional contact methods to your account.  These can be in the form of:

  1. Mobile Phone- Click Add under the Mobile Phone Section
  2. Phone line for Voice only (Home Phone)- Click Add under the Voice Only Line Contacts Section
  3. Additional Email addresses (Do not remove your WJC email address)- Click Add under the Email Section
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