How do I print from my Mac?

Prerequisites for this are

  1. Being on the correct Wifi:
  2. Being on campus
Install the Printer from System Preferences
  1. Click the Apple Symbol
  2. Select System Preferences
Install the Printer from System Preferences
  1. Click Print & Scan
  2. Click the + Sign

Select Duplex Printing Unit

Install the Papercut Client
  1. Open  the zip file, it will extract to a folder called Mac
  2. Run Client-local-install

If your computer prompts you to change your security settings to allow 3rd party apps to be installed, please follow these instructions to allow the install: How do I allow 3rd party apps to install on my Mac

If the software has been installed correctly you will be asked to login.

Login with: firstname_lastname, and Email password

If you run into errors at this step please try to install the SAME software package in the Legacy Folder

Make sure the Papercut Client is running before you print.  You can find it in either Launchpad or press F4.

Now that the printer and the client are installed you can print to the copiers

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