How to Upload or Modify your Syllabus

Login to Moodle and Navigate to your Course Page

Make sure editing is turned ON.

For pages with a syllabus placeholder:

For pages without a placeholder, scroll to instructions below.

1. Locate the Syllabus Placeholder or Outdated Syllabus link.

2. Click on the Edit link found all the way to the right.

3.  From the drop down menu that appears, choose the first option Edit Settings.


In the NAME field, re-type in what you'd like to appear on the page (i.e. Course Syllabus).

In the CONTENT field, click on the test syllabus that is currently listed and click Delete.

Now click the "Add..." button and browse for your new syllabus.  You can alternativley drag and drop the file into the box.

Once you have found and selected the new syllabus, click Upload this file.

Scroll down and click save and return to course.

For pages without a syllabus placeholder, or if you deleted the placeholder by accident:

1. Locate the folder/area you wish to add the document(s)

2. To the right, click the Edit button and select Add a Resource.

You will now get a menu of items you can add.

Under the Resources section, select File (or Folder if you will be uploading multiple files)

Fill in the Name (i.e. Syllabus) and optional Description.

Scroll down to the Content section and drag/drop in the file or click the Add button to browse for and Upload your file.

Scroll down and click Save and Return to Course

To protect your intellectual property, we recommend uploading only .pdf files.

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