APA: Creating a quiz using Questions from the APA Style Test Bank

STEP 1: Import the test bank into your course

Navigate to the ET501 course and in the APA Style Resources module, download the ASC Test Pool to your computer.  Make sure you know where it's saved!

Now navigate to the course where you wish to build the quiz.

In the Administration block, click Restore

Drag and drop of upload the previously saved file (it has the extension .imscc) into the import box.

Click Restore

Click Continue.

On the destination page, keep the Merge the Backup Course into this Course option checked.  
Click Continue.

On the Settings page, click Next.

On the Schema page, leave settings as is and click Next.

On the review page, leave settings as is and scroll to the bottom and click Perform Restore.

Step 2: Build the quiz using the test bank.

Back on the course page, make sure editing is turned on and choose the module/area you wish to add a quiz.

Click Edit > Add Resource and choose Quiz from the menu.

Give the Quiz a Name and update the remaining settings as needed.

When done, click Save and Display.

Now it's time to add questions.  Click Edit Quiz.

On the edit quiz page, click the Add button to add a question and choose + from question bank.

In the Select a Category field, choose Quiz Bank 'Quiz Bank 1' (92) from the list.

Check the box next to all of the questions you wish to add.  Click the maginifying glass to read more.

When all questions are selected, scroll down and click Add selected questions to the quiz.

Update the rest of the quiz as necessary and click Save.

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