Connecting your iPhone to Alumni Email

Setting up an Alumni email account is only possible after your account has been transitioned to alumni status.  You will receive a notification when this is done, typically the Monday after commencement.  

If you do not currently have your student account setup on your iPhone skip to Adding your Alumni Email below.  

Deleting your existing Student account from your phone.

Go to Settings

Your Settings icon might be in a different place.  

Go to Mail, Contact, Calendars

Select your School Email account.

Note: You may have named it something else.

Scroll to the bottom and select Delete Account

Adding your Alumni Email

Under Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Add Account

Select Exchange

Enter the information below

  1. Email:
  2. Enter your email password (if you have forgotten it or need to reset it please email
  3. Add a description (your choosing)
  1. You may be asked to enter the Server:
  2. The Username and Email fields are the same, just copy/ paste or re-enter your email address from the step above.
  3. Click Next

Do NOT turn on Contacts or Notes- If you do all contacts and notes will be saved to your alumni account.  

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