Recording using Ensemble Anthem


STEP 1: Download the recorder

This is a one time step.  After you have downloaded the recorder to your computer, you will not need to do this again unless you record on another device.

Navigate to the Ensemble website at

Login with your username and password.
Username: firstname_lastname
Password: WJC password

Click on the Record button, found at the top of your media library.

The first time users click the Record button, they will be presented with a new window to download the Anthem application.

IMPORTANT: Please allow up to 30 seconds for the application to detect and choose the proper installer before the download window appears!

Follow the prompts from your computer to download and install the Anthem application.

STEP 2: Record

Once the Anthem application is installed, the Record button will now fucntion as the Anthem recorder.  To record simply click the record button.  If prompted, click the Launch Application button.

We recommend clicking on the settings tab initially to confirm that your Webcam and Microphone are selected properly.

IMPORTANT!  Please close anything on your computer you do not need for the recording, as open files and applications may slow down the system. Please also be sure you have a strong internet connection.

When you're ready to record, choose one of the four recording options below:

When prompted, select the screen options.  If you have more than one monitor you will need to select which one you would like to use.  
You can also choose to record your entire screen or just a select area.

Once you click record, the system will give you a 5 second countdown, then it's time to begin!

During the recording, you can pull up the control panel at any time to Draw, Pause or End the recording.  
This toolbar may minimize during the recording so click on the Anthem icon in your Windows taskbar or Mac Doc to reveal the mid-recording options.

Click DONE to finish the recording and launch the Editor.

IMPORTANT!!!  The trim and chop features provided in the editing screen only work in 1 second frames, so please keep this in mind when recording.  This editing tool is not to be used for precise or major editing!

Click the Titles or Credits button to load pre-made title and credit slides (optional). The first time one of these features is used, the assets will need to be downloaded. This may take several minutes.

To trim the beginning and/or end of the video, click the Trim button.

Click and drag the round orange handles to select the beginning and end points to trim the video. The Chop  function works in a similar way, except the content between the handles is removed.

Click the Apply button each time you make an edit (chop, trim, title, credit).
Click Done to when you're ready to upload.

When presented with this screen, click Create New Recording to proceed to the upload stage (unless you want to go back or start over, click edit original recording).

Give your presentation a Title and optional description.

Click UPLOAD to send the content to the designated Ensemble library -- Most common!
Click PREVIEW to return to the Anthem editor.
Click SAVE to save the content to the Anthem library without uploading.

Go back to your Ensemble accout (you might need to refresh the screen) and you will see your latest recording at the top of your media library, ready for sharing!

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