Ensemble Video Instructions

Ensemble is William James College Private Media Storage Site

OPTION 1: For Videos recorded through Ensemble Anthem or TechSmith Relay (for other videos, skip to option 2).

Record your video as usual, using the Ensemble Anthem or TechSmith Relay recorder located on your desktop.

For instructions on how to record using Ensemble Anthem, please use the instructions found here:

For instructions on how to record using TechSmith Relay, please use the instructions foud here: https://msppsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/213090283-TechSmith-Relay-Instructions

After submitting your video and giving it a few minutes to process, navigate to the Ensemble website:  https://wjc.ensemblevideo.com

Login with your Firstname_Lastname and email password

Locate your video in your Media Library. Use the search bar or page forward buttons to find older videos.

To the right of your video, click the Publish button.  You must publish the file  in order to be able to share (red box below)

To share your media with others, please scroll down to the Share your Media section.

OPTION 2: To upload other Media files to your Ensemble Account

  1. Navigate to the Ensemble website:  https://wjc.ensemblevideo.com
  2. Login with your Firstname_Lastname and email Password
  3. You will automatically be brought to your Media Library page
  4. Click the  + Add button in the upper left hand corner
  5. Give your video a Title
  6. All other fields are optional
  7. Click  → Continue
  8. Either drag and drop your media file into the box, or click the Add file button to browse your computer
  9. Click Start Upload
  10. When done uploading, click → Continue
  11. You will now be brought to the Publishing page.    
  12. You can immediately publish the video/file (for sharing) by clicking Save and Publish
  13. To share your media with others, please see the instructions down below.

To Share your Media

Reminder:  Your video must first be published in order to share it!  Review the instructions above to publish your video.

  1. You can share your uploaded video using the permalink.  
  2. Click the Permalink button found below your video.
  3. Copy and paste the link provided into Canvas, an email, etc...
  4. If you are familiar with HTML, you can also use the embed code.  Contact EdTech if you need assistance.
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