Zoom Instructions

How do I get a Zoom Host account?

Accounts are assigned each semester.  We have 50 simultaneous host accounts available.  A request will go out prior to each semester to request an account, available on a first come first serve basis.

How and when can I use my Zoom account?

Approved accounts will remain active for the entire semester, and you can host an unlimited number of meetings for the duration of your account.  Once you have an active account, you do not need permission to use it.

How do I schedule a Zoom meeting?

  1. Go to https://williamjames.zoom.us/
  2. Sign In with your WJC email address and password you created upon setup
  3. Click Schedule a Meeting

Enter the meeting details including a name, date, time and set video and audio options (most cases can leave options as they are)

Click Schedule

Share the meeting URL and phone number with those you wish to invite

How do I start a Zoom Meeting?

  1. Go to https://williamjames.zoom.us/
  2. Sign In with your WJC email address and password you created upon setup
  3. Locate the meeting you wish to start (under Upcoming meetings tab)

Click the Start button to the right

How do I Run a Zoom Meeting?

Please watch the instructional video: https://wjc.ensemblevideo.com/Watch/Yi9r3JEa

How do I use the Control Panel in Zoom?

Mute:  Click to mute/unmute yourself.  Usethe ^ icon to the right to adjust audio settings

Stop Video: Click to start/stop webcam. Usethe ^ icon to the right to adjust video settings

Invite:  Invite others by email or copy/paste meeting info to share.

Manage Participants: Open list of participants currently in the meeting.  From here control participants audio, video, lock screen share, see hand raises and more.

Screen Share:  Click to begin sharing your screen.  Choose from options presented including desktop, specific application, whiteboard, and more.  Once screen share is active, additional tools,including annotation buttons will be available.

Chat: Opens chat window. Send private or public text based message to group.

Record:  Record all or part of the meeting.  Recording file will save to personal computer and can be uploaded to a streaming site for sharing, after the meeting.  You can also get info to invite additional participants here.

End Meeting:  End the meeting for everyone.

Once you start the Whiteboard, this annotation toolbar will appear at the top of your screen.  Use the buttons to draw on the whiteboard.  Click stop share to return to just webcams.

Once host starts the Whiteboard, attendees will need to click More> Annotate to begin drawing.  By default only the host draws automatically.

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