TechSmith Relay Instructions

SETUP -- This is a one time step!

For a video tutorial, click here.

  1. First you need to download the recorder.  If you already have the recorder on your computer, skip to the next section (Recording).
  2. Go to:
    Proceed if it says the site is not trusted.  The site is safe.
  3. Login with your FirstName_LastName and WJC email password.
  4. Choose the download for your specific computer (Mac or Windows) and follow the prompts to download and launch.


For a video tutorial, click here.

  1. Open the Techsmith Relay program (there is likely a shortcut on your desktop).
  1. Login with your FirstName_LastName and WJC email password.
  2. Choose the Ensemble option from the Profile menu.  If you are unable to select anything, leave as is.
  3. Give your lecture a Title.
  4. (Optional) Enter any additional lecture information in the description section.


  1. Click on the Audio button to set or adjust the microphone settings.   Make sure you click on the input device that you’re using (i.e. Logitech Headset).      
  2. (Optional) Click on the Camera button to turn on your webcam.  If you turn this on your webcam will record you and place it in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  You will only see this after recording.
  3. (Optional) Click on the Hotkeys button to set or adjust your hot keys.  Hot keys allow you to designate keyboard letters/numbers to start, pause and stop your presentation.
  4. Make sure you are connected to the server (green check mark means connection is made).
  5. When ready, do a short test recording using the Blue TEST button.  
  6. Once you are happy with the settings, begin recording by pressing the Red REC button.


For a video tutorial, click here.

Once you’ve finished recording you will be provided with a preview of your video.  

1.  Make sure you review your presentation using the play, skip back and skip forward buttons.  Check to make sure the sound is adequate.

2.  If necesaary, trim sections off of your recording.  The Trimming feature allows you to adjust the beginning and end points of your presentation. You cannot edit any other part of your video. If you wish to trim your video:

  1. Select the Trimming button.
  2. Play the video and pause at the desired beginning point.  Then click the Set Presentation Start button (1)
  3. Play the video and pause at the desired end point.  Then click the Set Presentation End button (2)
  4. Select the Cancel Trim button to cancel any trim settings and use the entire presentation (3)

3.  If you are satisfied with your video, click on the Submit button.  Your video will now be sent to the processing center.  
Note:  After hitting submit you can NO LONGER makes changes to your lecture.

4.  Once your video is done processing, an email will  be sent to your WJC email account (about 5 minutes).  Please check your email!  Follow the instructions provided in the email, to retrieve your presentation from Ensemble, our private media storage site.

5. To  share your video:  Please visit the tutorial on Ensemble found here.

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