Archiving Emails

Do I need to Archive my emails?

No, you do not need to archive your emails.

  • Email Archiving is a fuciton of many email clients such as Outlook and Apple's Mail App.  It allows the user to free up space in their inbox by exporting emails from their inbox.  
  • Since the school is using Office 365, space is not an issue, each user has 50GB of storage space.  In addition to this large increase, email is also backed up to the cloud, so loosing/deleting emails is not a concern.

How do I access my archive?

Login at, and select the Email Archive link.  

Log in with your username and password.

You can use the search feature to look for any emails, and appointments.

Click the Advanced button for more search criteria.

For more search options you can use the Advanced button to drill down even further.

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