Signing a Document Electronically

If you have a document like a PDF that needs to be signed, you can use Adobe Reader DC to insert your signature.  

If you have a Word Doc that needs to be signed you can save it as a PDF then follow these steps.

Every School computer has this software installed, if you are doing this on your home computer you can download the software from Adobe's site directly:

Open the File in Adobe Reader

Scroll down to the signature portion of the page and select Fill & Sign from the tools menu on the right.  

-You can also access that menu from View > Tools > Fill & Sign


  1. Sign
  2. Then Add Signature (If you do not already have one)

Sign your name with the mouse.  

If you have a Scanned image of your actual signature you can attach it by clicking the Image box.  

You can now place the signature anywhere in your document and also resize it by dragging one of the corner boxes.  

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