Alumni Email Account Usage Policy

Effective Date: 05/24/2016

Approved By: Vice President of Academic Affairs, Office of Alumni Affairs, Office of Career Services, IT Office

  1. Any students who have successfully graduated from WJC will automatically receive an alumni email account.
  2. The Email address will be converted from to
  3. Due to the conversion, the current student password policy no longer applies. Although it is still required for alumni to use a complex password for the alumni account, the password itself does not expire. Alumni will not have to change password unless there is evidence that the password has been compromised.
  4. Alumni can still log into the email account the same way by using their WJC Account username.
  5. Alumni can reset their password by either answering their security questions or by SMS.
  6. Alumni will have reduced capacity and license access. Alumni will no longer have access to:
    • Library Resources (privilege retained for 12 months)- You will keep your full access privilege for 12 months.
    • One Drive - Cloud storage
    • Microsoft Office- you will lose access to licensing and software downloads.
    • SPSS- license will expire at the end of the semester
    • Other Online Services such as Canvas, Ares, and MyCampus (limited).
    • Alumni can apply for access to various online resources mentioned above by submitting an email request to The approval decision will be made by corresponding owners of the online resources, on a case by case basis.
  7. If alumnus chooses to return as a student and have a WJC alumni email account, WJC will automatically convert the current alumni account back to a student account, while still maintaining the email address as an alias email address.
  8. By using WJC Alumni Email Account, the user agrees to abide by the general email usage policy.
  9. WJC is providing the alumni email account as a free service to the alumni. The email account service is delivered to WJC alumni AS IS. WJC is not responsible for any technical issue or any unannounced outage, as well as any data within the free alumni email account.
  10. If users require any information, it can be found on the IT Support Website – The user can also submit a ticket to, and we will provide assistance to the best of our ability.
  11. Any current alumni who do wish to obtain/reinstate the alumni email account can do so by contacting the Alumni Office at
  1. This policy is subject to change without notice.
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