Copying content from one Moodle page to another

These instructions are for copying a content heavy resource (quiz/test) or several resources, from one of your courses or sections to another. This is not intended for copying a single document, as it's faster to just upload that directly to the new course.

Navigate to the course where you want to put the item(s).

In the Administration box on the left hand side of the page, click the Import link.

Search for the course where the item you wish to copy resides.  Select the course and click Continue.

Remove all of the checkboxed fields EXCEPT for Inlcude Activites and Resources and Question Bank.  
It should look like this:

Note: If you wish to copy ALL of the course content, you can click the Jump to Final Step button.

If you only wish to copy SOME of the content, click Next.

Select the items you wish to copy.  Make sure items you don't want are unchecked.  
Click Next.

Review your selections and click Perform Import.

Now back on the course page, locate the item(s) you imported and move them to a different place on the page if necessary.

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