What happens to my email account after I graduate?

William James College Alumni can now access to free email service after graduation!

Your student account will automatically be converted to an alumni email account and activated by the Tuesday after your commencement. Your email address will be changed to:



Please see the following articles for more information:

Will I lose my Student email address?

I am not graduating until August/December – what will happen to my student email account?

Will I loose any emails when my account is converted?

Forwarding Email

You have the option to forward your WJC alum email account to any personal email account of your choice.  Instructions can be found at the link below.

How do I forward my Alumni email?

There is no time restriction on how long you can forward email for.  As long as your account is valid, whatever forwarding you setup will remain active.

Once the email account has converted to an alumni email account and the email address has changed, you will need to reset your email configuration on any phone, tablet, or personal computer to continue to receive emails via your personal computing devices.  Instructions can be found at the link below.

Connecting your iPhone to Alumni Email

If you plan on forwarding your alumni email to your personal accounts you do NOT have to re-connect your mobile device to your school account, simply delete it.  

One Drive

It is imperative to backup all your documents and files that you have stored in OneDrive before your student email account is converted to an alumni account. Once you graduate, your email address will no longer have access to Office Online and OneDrive.

Instructions on how to backup your One Drive documents can be found here: Moving/ Backing up One Drive Files

By continuing to use a WJC email account, you are agreeing to the WJC Alumni Account Policy, which you can find here:  Alumni Email Account Usage Policy

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