Setup Your William James College Email on your iPhone/iPad

Step 1: On your devices home screen find the settings button and select the settings button


Step 2: Select Passwords & Accounts



Step 3: Click on Add Account


Step 4: On this screen, you are going to select EXCHANGE



Step 5: Once you click on Exchange you will see this screen.  Select Sign In. Then you will be brought to the William James College sign in page. Enter your William James College email and sign in using your WJC password

In some cases this is all the information you will need to enter.  If you experience an error here, you might have to follow the manual steps in the section below.
Manual steps

Some people might see this next screen, If you do please enter the following information.

If you do NOT proceed to the next step.

Never Sync your contacts. (This may cause you to loose all your contacts stored on your phone because it stored them on the William James mail server)  

Final Step: Click SAVE and you are done.  Wait a few minutes and your emails should start coming in.  If they do not, please contact support at 617-327-6777 ext. 1600

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