One Drive Migration F.A.Q.

What is One Drive?

  • There are different flavors of One Drive.  There is a personal version which only offers 5GB, it is a free, personal, cloud-storage service based in Microsoft Live.   It's the Microsoft competitor to services like Apple's iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox.  
  • There is also a paid version which is included in the schools Office 365 subscription which has a significant amount of storage space.  We will be dealing with this version.

Additional information on One Drive can be found here:

One Drive F.A.Q.

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One Drive: How 2

  • What will happen to U Drive?

U-Drives have been marked for retirement by the end of February 2018, Once your U drive data has been migrated You will no longer save data to that location and will use one drive exclusively.

  • What will happen to my Department Drive?

At this time we are not moving Department Drives, they can be accessed just as they are now.  Nothing will change.

  • How long do we have before we have to migrate to U Drive completely?

The migration process has already begun, no data will be lost in this process, so schedule your consultation as soon as possible.

  • How do I Migrate from my U Drive to One Drive?

All U Drive files will be migrated for you.  To schedule your consultation please email

How much storage space do I have on One Drive?

  • By default, the storage space for each OneDrive user is 1 TB.  If you would like to check the status of your storage space, follow the instructions here: One Drive: How 2
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