Troubleshooting Streaming Videos

Whether you are viewing streaming videos from one of WJC's tools ( like VidGrid or Ensemble) or an outside video platform  (like YouTube, Vimeo, etc...), you can run into problems viewing the video. Here are some troubleshooting suggestions to try to resolve viewing issues for ANY streaming video.

1) Restart your Internet browser and/or computer.

2) Try a different Internet browser (for example, if you are using Google Chrome, try Internet Explorer).

3) Access the Internet a different way (a different WiFi network, access the Internet directly and not via WiFi, etc...). Sometimes even time of day can affect WiFi so trying at a different time or in a different location, particularly one closer to the WiFi source, can help.

4) Clear your Internet browser's cache.

5) If you are able to click on the link, view the video, but it continually buffers: select play and then immediately hit pause, wait 5-10 minutes to give the video time to load, then select play again. If the video continues to buffer, follow the same process but wait for a long period of time before selecting play again.

6) If you have tried all of these suggestions, still cannot access the streaming videos, and it is a WJC video, you can reach out to the instructor to see if they are willing to allow downloads of the video.

Happy viewing!

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