How to combine/divide the A/V in classrooms

The school has a few combo rooms in which a collapsible wall can be opened to combine 2-3 classrooms (depending on the room) into one large room.  These instructions will show you how to combine the A/V in those rooms.  

Instructions on how to combine/divide the collapsible wall can be found in this article.   Physical Combination/Division of  Classrooms

The following classrooms are available to combine:

Master Desk
227 / 228
230 / 231 230
332 / 333 332
334 / 335 335
335 / 336 335
334 / 335 / 336 335

The combine and divide function can only be done from the Master Desk.  

When combined, all audio and video from the master desk will be shown on all the projection screens and speakers.

Rooms 334-336 have a newer interface but the functionality is the same.

In figure 4: You can mute or turn sound back on to the microphone.

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