Legit emails are going to my junk folder

In order to prevent malicious emails we have tightened our filtering polices.  Sometimes legitimate emails are identified as junk, and therefore end up in your junk folder.  

If you have received a phishing email and are unsure what to do, please follow these instructions: I think I received a Phishing Email...

At this time mobile mail clients like apple/android mail do not support marking email as Not Junk, this will have to be done in O365. or the Outlook mail client.

If you are doing this in the Outlook mail client the steps are exactly the same.

Login to Office 365 by going through OneLogin.

  1. Scroll down to your Junk Email folder, if you don't see it, click the more button under folders
  2. Find the email/s in question
  3. Mark as not junk

You will be given the option to report this to Microsoft, we suggest choosing report.

Those emails should not end up in your junk mail folder again.  Please contact Support@williamjames.edu if you have further questions.

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