Update to Zoom Policies and Procedures

Dear faculty and staff,

 We have made some slight updates to our Zoom account policies and procedures.



 We are now offering all faculty licensed Zoom accounts automatically so requests are no longer needed to receive an account.



 We will not be offering Zoom accounts to all non-faculty William James College staff. They will continue to be by request and subject to approval. Most non-faculty staff will find that Teams provides everything that is needed. If you have questions about Teams, please contact support@williamjames.edu.

 If you are a non-faculty WJC staff member and already have a licensed Zoom account, you will continue to have one.

 To request an account, please email me at caroline_foley@williamjames.edu.



 Additionally, Zoom is now accessed via OneLogin so licensed users (all faculty and select staff) will now use that website and log in credentials to access Zoom.

For those who have registered for free Zoom accounts with William James College emails, you can still access your account via Zoom.us and sign in with those credentials.

 If you have any further questions, please let me know.





Caroline Foley, MA
Instructional Technologist, Online and Professional Education

William James College

One Wells Avenue, Newton, MA 02459

617-564-9496 –www.williamjames.edu

Preferred pronouns: she/her

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