IT Checklist for New Employee

Congratulations and Welcome Aboard!  This is a checklist for all the actions you will need to perform to obtain and activate most of the digital resources that have made available to you, this include your email, phone, and other resources that you will need in the near future.  Please review the checklist items carefully.

Prerequisite: Receive your IT Welcome Packet

Your IT Welcome Packet was sent to the email address you submitted on your application. Your IT Welcome Packet contains your Username, Email address and Password for accessing school computers and technology resources.

William James College utilizes Single-Sign-On technology using OneLogin.  Your username and password will provide you access to most of the college software and services.  Please never share your password with anyone else.  William James College IT Support and any other college services will never ask you to share your password on the phone or via email.

If you have not received your IT Welcome Packet, please check your junk mail folder, or please contact your Human Resource Officer.

1. Login

Click the login link at or login at (our single sign on page, aka OneLogin)

Please use the username and password provided by the welcome packet.  You will be asked to change your password when log in for the first time.

Please Note:

  • the password has to be 12 characters or more
  • there is no complexity requirement for the password

2. Configure your Multifactor Authentication for your WJC Account

When you are logging for the first time, you will be prompted to set up your MFA factor. 

About MFA and MFA Options

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is mandatory for all college employees who is holding a WJC account.  MFA helps protecting your account as well as your colleagues from phishing and other potential cyberattacks.  MFA is also used for password recovery self-service.  

We recommend:

  1. Using OneLogin Protect as your default MFA method
  2. Setting up a backup MFA method, such as SMS, in case your default method fails: Setting SMS for MFA

3. Install the OneLogin Extension

Click the Add OneLogin Extension button, the download will start. If you are using Chrome, you will be taken to the Chrome Web Store.

If you are using a different browser or need more detailed steps, please visit this article: Using OneLogin


4. Log into Email

Office 365 is the college wide email system we use.

To login please go to page, click on Staging and chose Everything.

Then scroll down and click on the Office 365 tile.

Information about Office Training is available here: Microsoft Office Training and additional information on Microsoft Office/ Office 365 can be found at this link.


5. (For Faculty) - Log into Campus Nexus and verify your information.

Campus Nexus is your student and faculty information portal. It allows you to view/register for classes, billing information, and other course information.

Log into your Student Information Portal by clicking the icon below*.

*If you need assistance finding the icon, follow the same steps from above.

Verify your personal information is correct by access the "My Information" section, under "My Profile".

Make sure to update the SMS section, so you receive alerts from the school (announcements, closing, etc). Verify your phone is correct. Then check of "Yes" next to Enable SMS Messaging.

For more information on Campus Nexus please click here - Campus Nexus.

6. Subscribe to the Rave Alert (WJC Campus Emergency Notification System)

Please follow the steps in this instruction article to update your emergency contact information and subscribe to the alert notifications:  Signing Up for Campus Alerts

7. Get familiar with OneDrive, Teams, and other Office 365 apps.

Each employee will receive a Microsoft OneDrive account and a Microsoft Teams account along with their WJC email account.

OneDrive - your personal cloud file storage.  OneDrive is secure, flexible, remote-accessible, and backed up hourly with easy file restoration features.  To learn more about OneDrive: Accessing OneDrive

Teams - your access to departmental files, project management tools, and departmental messenger / chat service.  To learn more about Teams: Getting Started with Teams

Office 365 offers a wide assortment of applications (including OneDrive and Teams) and tools to assist with your daily work.  All employees can install Office 365 on up to 5 different devices.  To learn more about Office 365 and its suite of applications as well as free tutorials:  Office 365 Training

8. Schedule a Time with IT Office for Employee ID and (if applicable) Laptop Pickup

Once you have completed the steps above, please send an email to to schedule a time for Employee ID.  If you are a full time employee or faculty and has been assigned a laptop, you can pick it up at the same time.  Please bring a valid photo ID with you.

9.  Log onto your phone system and update your voicemail greeting

For those of you who have an assigned workspace, you will have an assigned phone number.  You can log onto your phone system to send and receive calls using a desk phone, using a computer app, or using a mobile app.  You can start by log on to the system:  How to Access Go To Connect (One Login)

Don't forget to log in and update your voicemail greeting: How to record a Voicemail greeting


10.  You are all set!

Yes, that's it!  You are ready to start working!  Any questions arise please either check or send your questions to

Once again, Welcome aboard!


Additional Resources - 

Additional College-Wide Resources can be found on the main website in the resource section -

Library Resources is available at

Faculty Handbook -

Employee Handbook -

Engaging with Technology Affinity Group - Community support and resource for employees on technology related issues:



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