How to Add Printer from Mac

Below are the steps on how to add the William James College printers to a Mac 

(Note: You must be connected to the William James-Production wireless network)

1. Go to System Preferences > Printers and Scanners > + (plus sign)
2. Go to the IP tab and choose “Line Printer Daemon - LPD.”
3. Populate the Address field with the Windows print server - MSPPPRINT.WILLIAMJAMES.EDU
4. Populate the Queue field with the queue’s share name - Xerox_FindMe_PC
5. Add the share name to the Name field - Xerox_FindMe_PC
6. For Use select Generic PostScript Printer
7. On the next screen make sure to check the box for Duplex Printing Unit

If you have not installed Papercut before make sure to do that before you go to print! The instructions are linked HERE

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